Quality experiences in the pinewoods

Superb location

U35 - it is a time for yourself, your family and friends. More time in the fresh air here means living in a pine forest, enjoying your favorite activities, or simply relaxing by the sea. The location is surrounded by a neighborhood that will maintain low-intensity real estate development.

Logical layout

Your relaxation, comfort and convenience are our top priorities. Therefore we have optimized the apartment plans to minimize the useless space. We are glad that we can create more open spaces and offer apartments with high ceilings: on the ground and 1st floor - up to 2.7 meters, and on the 2nd - even up to 3.3 meters high.

Your modern holiday home

We offer apartments with A+ efficiency class, good sound insulation, recuperation system and air conditioning system.

Peace, coziness and tranquility

The architects arranged the apartments in such a way that all of the residents could enjoy privacy and great views of the pine forest through their windows.

Complete finishing

We want you to enjoy yourself more and care less, so we offer apartments with partial or complete finishing.

Heated pool

A gem of a cozy and enclosed courtyard is the spacious swimming pool. Heated and with an advanced cleaning/filtration system – it will refresh you during the hot days and warm you up during cooler days.

Balanced solutions

S.Anselmo clay tiles will cover the facade and the roof of the house. We chose one of the oldest Italian brick manufacturer's Sk1n series terracotta tiles. The choice has helped us to create subtle and laconic lines and aesthetically clean surfaces.
We have chosen RHEINZINK for the sides, interior planes and roofs of facades and roof boxes. The coatings of this German manufacturer are characterized by versatile architectural charm, and the impeccable made in Germany quality is a synonym of longevity.
We want our apartments to be cosy and warm. Therefore aluminum profile and wooden windows cladded with aluminium will be two obvious choices in Lithuanian climatic conditions. They can withstand large fluctuations in coastal temperatures, precipitation.
For facades, terraces, balconies and loggia floors, we chose a durable and ecological solution – thermal wood decking. Thermal wood is heat-treated wood from carefully selected raw materials. Ecological, extremely durable and stable.
Landscape design and landscaping are an integral part of the U35 ensemble. Clay clinker blocks and thermal wood elements are used to create a coherent connection with the architecture.
The direction landscape architecture aims to extend the feeling of dunes and forest into the backyard. The crowns of tall pine trees through the windows and islands of seaside weeds create a sense of coziness, privacy and tasteful harmony.

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